Most Profitable Businesses in UAE

Fujairah has often been looked at as the weekend getaway in the UAE, where people come to relax from the hustle bustle of daily life. However, over the years, the emirate has come to evolve and has seen expats and people move to enhance their business and professional growth.

Known as the jewel of Arabia, Fujairah’s main occupation at one point of time was fishing and agriculture; but today the Port of Fujairah is the second most important bunkering port in the world, thus opening doors for shipping companies and businesses. The Fujairah port is also important for container liners and livestock shipping companies; and then there is also quarrying. 

Apart from this, the most sought after industries in the UAE are retail, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, construction and media.


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UAE aims at having the best infrastructure in all of the middle east and provides a huge prospect for growth and establishment. In the year 2017, Dubai had over 3200 active projects and this rose beyond 42.5 billion post the Expo 2021

Health & Hospitality 

The importance and attention around health has increased in the last two years, especially post the pandemic. UAE in fact provides a pool of opportunities in this field and has also developed infrastructure which makes it easy to get approvals and licenses that are needed to start a business in this category. 

Hotel Chains

UAE is a good place to invest if you intend to open a restaurant or a branch of a hotel. With the increase in tourism in the country and the government’s additional investment in the same, has led to the boom in the business for hotel chains.

Media & Consultancy

In the entire UAE, Dubai alone contributes to the largest e-commerce business, even more than Abu Dhabi. The reason for this being that the investment needed for this are minimal and there has been an increasing interest in this field over the years.

Travel & Tourism

The well-developed travel facilities within the Emirates has made this sector, a huge opportunity to start business in. By exploring the country and doing the right king of research and finding the perfect location, tourism might turn out to be, one of the best steps for a successful business in the UAE.

Real Estate

The real estate business in the UAE has risen over the years and is expected to grow more in the next 5-10 years. And this growth can be attributed to the rise in tourism and foreign interest in the investment here.

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