Places to shop in Fujairah

Sparkling waters, friendly people, and historic buildings in Fujairah are fast attracting visitors worldwide. Located along the Arabian Gulf in the east, Fujairah boasts beautiful mountains and plenty of attractions. However, if you are in the area, you will also discover that Fujairah has many excellent places to go shopping. Here are some of the best places to shop in Fujairah.

Fujairah Mall

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Fujairah Mall, located at the center of the city, offers a range of retail outlets for shoppers to buy their most favored things. To meet the needs of shoppers from around the world, the mall boasts a host of elegant, luxury, and designer brands. If you are a fashion and cosmetics enthusiast, some of the brands that you can check out include Massaya Fashion, Areej, and Seher Al Sharq.

Located inside the Fujairah Tower Complex, the mall also has a number of restaurants and coffee shops to dine at. So, if you get tired of shopping at Fujairah Mall, get yourself re-energized at one of the many elegant restaurants and coffee shops inside the mall. If you have young ones with you, there is a supervised play area inside the Fujairah Mall, Jungle Bungle, there are a bunch of video games available, including 5D cinema.

The play arena will keep the young ones occupied, thereby allowing you to do shopping from your favorite brands. From Saturday to Thursday, the Fujairah Mall is open for shopping from 10 AM to 10 PM. While on Friday, the mall is open from 2 PM to 10 PM.

City Center Fujairah

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City Center Fujairah is one of the largest shopping malls in the city. The mall has retail outlets across different product categories. From fashion to household, furniture, jewelry, watches, lingerie, sportswear, and many more, you will find everything and anything that you are looking to buy for yourself and for your loved ones.

If you are seeking a premium shopping experience when in the city, City Center Fujairah is among the top shopping destinations. The frequent promotional offers running from time to time at the City Center Fujairah will also make your shopping experience more rewarding and fruitful.

The City Center Fujairah is open for business from 10 AM to 10 PM on Monday to Thursday. While you can shop at the mall from 10 AM to 12 AM on Friday to Sunday.

Lulu Hyper Market

Lulu Hyper Market is yet another excellent shopping destination for tourists in Fujairah. The place provides easy access to many international brands which most shoppers desire. Some of the brands that you will find at the Lulu Hyper Market include Adidas, Titan, Rado, Giordano, Daiso, Malabar Gold and Diamonds. Along with these, you will also find several cosmetics, perfume, and electronics stores.

The Lulu Hyper Market also presents a number of dining options such as Papa John’s, McDonald’s, and Bombay Chowpatty, among several others. For kids along with you, there are some entertainment options, such as bowling alleys, video games, roller coasters, and much more. This will keep them occupied while you do your shopping without getting bothered frequently.

The Lulu Hyper Market is open for shopping from 8 AM to 12 AM on Sunday to Wednesday. Whereas, from Thursday to Saturday, you shop at the Lulu Hyper Market from 9 AM to 1 AM.

Century Mall

Century Mall is another place where you will find the usual branded stores for bags, toys, pastry shops, clothes, shoes, and much more. Known as the first shopping mall in Fujairah, the mall also houses various restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, and cinemas for dining and entertainment.

Some of the known brands that are loved by shoppers at Century Mall include The Body Shop, Mothercare, Aldo, Shoes4US, Matalan, and many more. In total, you will find 130 retail outlets at the Century Mall that will satisfy your craving for shopping, regardless of the products you are looking for.

The free parking space makes your shopping experience more seamless. Notably, the shopping mall is open for business from 10 AM to 10 PM on Wednesday to Thursday. While, you can shop from 2 PM to 11.45 PM on Friday and 10 AM to 11.45 PM on Saturday.

Agency Street

Agency Street, at Mohammed bin matar road, is another shopping center where you can experience a high-end shopping feel. With a number of leading brands selling high-quality products across different categories, Showroom Land is your one-stop-shop shopping destination in Fujairah.

Some of the brands that you can check out, when at Agency Street, include Mercedes, Cadillac, R&B Fashion, Maxx, Emirates Center, and much more.

KM Trading

KM Trading is another place where you can shop for items, such as groceries, fruits, vegetables, and other personal care products. Additionally, you can also find the best deals and promotional offers on electronics products, such as smartphones.

Notably, KM Trading is open for businesses from 8 AM to 12 AM on all days, from Monday to Sunday.  

Final Thoughts

Fujairah is often known as the treasure trove of things to do. From rock climbing to exploring the scenic beauty of the city, including mountains and beaches, Fujairah has plenty to offer when it comes to shopping. At FREA, we recommend all of these places to shop when in Fujairah.