Top 8 Must Visit Tourist Places in Fujairah

Imagine living in a city that is surrounded by the mountains and is home to beaches where you can bust all that work stress, and enjoy the quiet and the calm on the beach…Well, we are talking about the most beautiful and the only emirate that is surrounded by mountains and springs; Fujairah, which is located an hour and half away from Dubai. A picturesque beach town which is lined with city scrapers, being the business hub of the UAE, and oozing the charm of raw natural beauty, Fujairah offers a simple lifestyle rich in culture. Not to mention that Fujairah is surrounded and in fact loaded with places where one can feel all touristy and break away for calm and peace.

1. Fujairah Fort & Fujairah Village

Fujairah Fort & Fujairah Village

Once home to the ruling family, Fujairah Fort is considered as the oldest fort in the UAE, and should definitely make it to your must visit list. Established in the year 1670, it is the epitome of the rich heritage that Fujairah prides on. 

The fort in itself is a mud-brick building comprising three main sections, numerous halls, one square tower and two round towers. The area that borders the Fujairah Fort extends into the Fujairah Heritage Village, where you can learn and interact with the local community.

2. Snoopy Island

All you water babies gear up because you are on Snoopy island! Named after the cartoon dog Snoopy, as it houses a rock that looks like him lying down, this tourist place is surrounded by reefs and one can even spot turtles on the shore.If visiting the island, the tourist/visitor can indulge in popular activities like snorkeling and diving and also take up classes to earn certificates in the same. Snoopy island is definitely a must visit on your travel itinerary.

3. Al Bidyah Mosque

Al Bidyah Mosque

As mentioned earlier, Fujairah is rich with cultural heritage. Al Bidyah is the oldest mosque in the UAE, also known as the Ottoman Mosque, after the town that surrounded the mosque once and was built in 1446 AD.
The site includes four watchtowers, stonewalls and founders of old perished buildings and is a tourist attraction because of the extinguishing architecture of the mosque. It is unique in the sense that the four domes of the mosque are balanced on one pillar which is at the centre and is only 1.5 meters high. Muslim tourists are welcome to offer prayers when visiting, while non-Muslims can look at it from the outside, and should be appropriately dressed.

4. Al- Hajar Mountains

Al- Hajar Mountains

A prime roadtrip territory, sections of Hajar Mountains belong to Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah Emirates, in addition to Fujairah. It is one of the most awe-inspiring tourist attractions of the Arabian Peninsula and is the highest mountain range in the region. You will be surprised to know all one knows is that these mountains developed before 30 millennia due to continental collision, but the exact time and date is not known.

5. Masafi Village

Masafi Village

Located on the edge of Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah, Masafi Village marks the entrance of Wadi Ham, the seasonally flooded valley. It is developed along a long paved road is a popular attraction for its natural spring and Friday market where one can find locally grown produce.

6. Ain-Al Madhab Gardens

Located at the foothills of Al Hajar Mountains, Ain-Al Madhab  is located right outside Fujairah. Developed around the mineral spring, this tourist attraction also includes a park area, an outdoor theatre, (used for music and theatre festivals) and the Heritage Village. At the Heritage Village, one can experience the traditional lifestyle of the emirates including what utensils they used, how they cooked, what farming techniques they used and more.

7. Umbrella Beach

Umbrella Beach

Designed with all modern tourist attractions and activities, Umbrella Beach allows tourists’ entry without any cost. It is characterised by a large length of yellow gray sand cover and allows one to experience the calm while enjoying the marine life.

8. Kalba Corniche Park

That spot where you get to hang out, relax, chill and barbeque as a family. It is well equipped with parking space and restrooms to avoid chaos and panic.

Well, this is just a small glimpse into the kind of life that one can enjoy, experience in Fujairah. To know more, visit…..


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